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And the Northwest Territory exploded.

In June of 1812 President Madison asked Congress to declare war upon Great Britain for intolerable crimes against a young United States of America. By late summer and early fall the British, along with their Native allies under the command of their war chief Tecumseh and his brother, the Prophet, attacked en force-and soon the whole Northwest Territory was on fire. Throughout the Territory, soldier and settler alike feared for their lives. Before long, Forts Detroit and Michilimackinac fell into British hands, along with all of the Michigan Territory.

Ft. Dearborn, located in present day downtown Chicago- and nearly identical to our own Ft. Wayne-was put under siege by the Natives and soon surrendered; but not before the retreating troops destroyed its stores of gunpowder and whiskey. Enraged at this discovery, the Natives pursued and ambushed Ft. Dearborn's inhabitants as they marched toward Ft. Wayne, killing many and taking the remainder as prisoners.

This left small, undermanned Ft. Wayne as the sole American outpost on the frontier.

On September 4, 1812, the Natives led by Chief Winamac came before Fort Wayne. What would be the outcome? Would Ft. Wayne be overrun by the Natives and their British allies? Would they all perish?